About Retso

Developing software solutions since 2005.

With over 15 years industry knowledge and 20 years development experience we have the solutions for you.

Retso have been developing software solutions for the furniture industry since 2005.

Retso was originally conceived as a solution for the carpet sector which traditionally struggled with cuts from rolls and how a system can keep track of them. We worked together with the carpet company to produce a system that not only monitored each roll individually but also the cuts within each roll, ensuring they knew exactly how many cuts were cut, how many cuts were sold but not cut and of course, how many were left available to cut.

From these seeds, Retso has now grown into an all-encompassing software solution that caters for not just carpets, but for other retail sectors as well. Retso now has customers across the UK with international coverage and a support team in place to handle any issues you may have.

Retso prides itself on using the tried and tested development suites and tools of Microsoft®technology. This ensures that each system that Retso deploys is flexible, functional and robust and therefore a perfect solution for your needs. As a development company, we are always looking to bring new and exciting features to the system that you can harness to maximise its potential.


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