Sales Order Processing (SOP)

Retso Studio has a comprehensive range of features to assist in running the Sales Order Processing (SOP) side of your business. Our sales order processing software allows for the entry and processing customers orders for products and services from start to finish. These features include:

  • Create a sales SOP order on the shop floor or back office.
  • Automatic look-up of existing customer (with prevention of duplicate entries).
  • Integrated postcode look-up tool (for maximum speed).
  • Specify different invoice and delivery address.
  • Customer’s comments and delivery directions notes with optional discretion notes and supplier only notes.
  • Professional looking, printable advice notes and order confirmations.
  • Accurate, real-time stock quantities at the point-of-sale.
  • Prompt for product options. (User-defined. e.g. feet, grade, fabric, beds, carpets and more)
  • Allocate stock from store, warehouse, and back-order.
  • Allocate from existing carpet rolls or special order a carpet cut length.
  • Furniture order processing
  • Automatically create a special purchase order where required.
  • Facility to put on-hold purchase orders/delivery date.
  • Customer refunds with SOP
  • Full control of de-branded goods.
  • Line by line or full order variable VAT rates.
  • Line by line or full order discounts.
  • Surcharges and individual fees.
  • Deposit and part payment management.
  • Drill down of order lines and payment history.
  • More than one sales person linked to an order (for commission purposes).

When sales order processing relies heavily on handling paper purchase orders it inevitably takes extra time and effort. Using a sales order processing system will reduce manual effort, minimize errors and eliminate order entry bottlenecks.

Retso Studio’s purchase furniture order processing software can also assist out of store for those who are part of your delivery team.

Goods In:

  • Goods ready for delivery screen. (Carpets ready for fitting)
  • Control over multiple delivery vehicles and delivery routes for the same day.
  • Balance visible next to each customer order.
  • Notify customer by phone, letter or e-mail.
  • Warehouse pick-list report.
  • Reschedule booked deliveries easily.
  • Customer collection facility.
  • Clear and informative delivery schedule screen.

We are also able to write custom modules so if your business requires that something extra, why not give us a call.