Reporting & Alerts

Reporting & Alerts

Retail Reporting is a key analysis tool for any business so our Retso software has a series of report templates configured to give you the data feedback you need. These include:

The Manager's Digest (a general overview of the business)
Payment summaries
Orders completed (including by profitability, volume and value)
Invoices raised
Deposits and part payments taken
Unpaid orders (that are despatched)
Daily sales ledger
Future invoices ledger
VAT reporting

Physical stock holding
Best (and worst) sellers
Sale retail reports by product type and group

Staff commission payments and payables
Referral sources for marketing


In addition to the reporting samples above, Retso also has a series of integrated alerts that appear on the home screen of the system. These alerts are designed to keep you posted on actionable intel from the business to ensure that customers are not left waiting for orders.

Overdue Purchase Orders
Overdue Purchase order acknowledgements
Overdue Payments
Product treatment alerts

In addition to the above, there are many more standard reports. We have the ability to configure any report with the data to hand and you can also export all of the data to manipulate in a spreadsheet programme such as Microsoft Excel as well.

We have been using Retso Studio for a number of years now. We find it extremely user friendly which is very helpful to staff that aren’t so confident with computers, but is also very thorough and accurate with regards to more intricate reporting. It has numerous functions which help staff, and management alike with our day to day requirements. The program is easy to use, flexible to the needs of our business and is regularly updated with new and exciting features.