Warehouse Stock Management

Stock Control Systems

Retso Studio has a comprehensive range of stock control systems features to manage your stock including extremely powerful ways to add products and options in bulk. Improve inventory management through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made with Retso’s stock management software.

The stock control system’s main features include:

  • Add single items, multiple items and product options all in one screen.
  • Manage prices in bulk including VAT rates, profit margin markups and cost prices.
  • Several price level per product (cost, normal price, sale price, web price, prom-price and prom-cost).
  • Permit the option of having the tax included and tax excluded on the retail prices.
  • Calculate and update 1000s of product prices in minutes.
  • Round down result to display “friendly prices” (e.g. 999 instead of 1003.75).
  • Put the entire store on sale prices and/or run promotions on selected product categories / ranges / items.
  • Forward-pricing facility.
  • Warehouse inventory managements and control.
  • Accurate and real time inventory information across your shops, warehouses and depots.
  • Move inventory between locations
  • Inventory valuation by branch and/or by product category and/or manufacturer in summary and detailed format.
  • Product dimensions (x y z) cube and weight.
  • Product notes, barcodes and specifications.
  • Product digital photo for display on the shop floor counters.
  • Goods in allocate to appropriate customers orders.
  • Facility to mark stock for display at retail location(s).
  • Product entry templates and product master codes to assist with data entry.
  • Real cost prices for individual items.
  • Printable shop floor tickets. A4, A5 and A6 standard and customised to your requirements.
  • Product minimum stock levels and re-ordering.
  • Inventory control – improve tracking and control over retail and warehouse stock
  • Improve inventory management system through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made.

Weather Stock-outs can cause a loss in sales and can disappoint customers. It’s so important to invest in stock control software that can effectively manage your inventory levels and make sure reorders are conducted on time.

Whether you are front of house in retail or in the warehouse, Retso’s stock management system keeps your entire team informed about your inventory so your customers can always leave with what they wanted.