Purchase Order Processing (POP)

Retso Studio has a comprehensive range of features to assist in running the Purchase Order Processing (POP) side of your business.


  • Purchase orders for customers, warehouse and shop floor display.
  • Normal cost, ongoing discount and special discount facility.
  • Add extra options per line during POP creation.
  • Link purchase orders to sales orders.
  • Minimum stock values, straight to order.
  • Create individual or grouped orders for the same supplier.
  • Receive all or just part of the ordered goods.
  • Track your orders (by status, by status and manufacturer, by status, manufacturer and sale person and much more).
  • Print, fax or e-mail purchase orders.
  • Management of bulk purchase orders in containers and link to purchase orders.
  • Purchase order matching to delivery notes.
  • Multiple suppliers’ invoices per order and vice verse.

Often purchase order processing is seen as a hassle or something for the accountant or bookkeeper to do. With Retso, our software will improve the flow of your business by providing clarity among all the different aspects from stock, to sales and purchase.

Our solutions can enable you to send, receive, store, retrieve, and share documents throughout the purchase order process.

Purchase Order Processing (features)Purchase Order Processing (features)

Goods In

  • Goods ready for delivery screen.
  • Control over multiple delivery vehicles and delivery routes for the same day.
  • Balance visible next to each customer order.
  • Notify customer by phone, letter or e-mail.
  • Warehouse pick-list report.
  • Reschedule booked deliveries easily.
  • Customer collection facility.
  • Clear and informative delivery schedule screen.

We are also able to write custom modules if your business requires that something extra. In fact anything interior related why not give us a call today.

Purchase Order Processing (goods in)Purchase Order Processing (goods in)
Take Control with Retso Software

Take Control with Retso Software

Running out of stock can cause a loss in sales and can disappoint customers. It’s so important to invest in stock control software that can effectively manage your inventory levels and make sure reorders are conducted on time.

Whether you are front of house in retail or in the warehouse, Retso’s stock management system keeps your entire team informed about your inventory so your customers can always leave with what they wanted.

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