Increasing Retail Sales


People love excitement and celebration, so invent some holidays rather than wait for the big holidays like Valentines and Christmas. Create a holiday around some of the fun things that you sell, for example on the 13th August its International Lefthanders day, you could sell items that are more tailored to left handed customer!

Advertise, advertise, advertise!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! If you are faced with cutbacks you might be better advertising more. If you increase your advertising at slower times you can create more product and brand awareness of your business. The local rag is a good place to start, also take a close look at your online presence and in particular your website. Finally you may even want to consider some online marketing and even paid advertising with the likes of Facebook and Google.

Create a PR buzz!

If you do something rather noteworthy try talking to the press and release a PR statement (only if it's good news!). Grab as much free advertising and PR as you can. Why not get involved in charity or networking events and even consider some parties or product launches at your retail store and invite the local press.

Take a close look at your pricing!

Not only should your price be competitive it also needs to be profitable. Be sure to keep a close eye on the competition and remember the correct price is the price the customer is willing to pay for the goods!

New, creative displays!

Listen to your customer and understand their wants and needs. Educate them about the products, and let them know you really appreciate their custom. Value added products and services go down well. Remember the customer is not only looking for the product, but the experience too.


Social Media is the buzz word of the day. Remember to add news updates, pr and offers on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Also, why not create video content and upload it to your YouTube channel and also don't forget blogs. Customers are far more likely to do business with you online if your social media presence is up to date and relevant.

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