Preparing for Black Friday?

Try to familiarise yourself with the Black Friday Ads

As soon as the ads are out there start making your wish lists!Check out the retailers that potentially you wouldn’t normally shop with and just make sure your getting the best deals possible.

Should I shop Online or In-store?

In-store offers many unique “in-store only offers” however stores in highly congested towns will likely draw far bigger crowds. Some of the smaller towns could also be worth a look and have potentially fewer customers.

Shopping online potentially is a less hassle way to go, however as we all know very busy websites have a tendency to go slow and sometimes sell out fast, coupled with a lack of stock could tip you over the edge! Online can offer some super savings and you can avoid all those chaotic crowds.

Map it out!

Create a list of items you know you definitely want and which stores have them then get your route and timings planned. You also need to be prepared for long queues, maybe download some MP3 tracks to your phone to listen to or play on some App based games. Take a flask of coffee and maybe some food and ensure you wrap up warm!

There are also may Apps that you can download . For example the Amazon App enables the user to use one-click ordering. You can also subscribe to websites that give the “deal of the day” and where to find it.

Avoid Impulse Purchases!

Impulse purchases can be a real problem when shopping in-store on Black Friday. You might be there for one great deal, only to see another item near the checkout that seems like it's too good to pass up. Often these "bargains" are actually unnecessary budget busters.

Beware Final Sale Items

Many Black Friday sale items are marked "final sale — no exceptions." But what if you bought it in the wrong colour? Some items are returnable, but you could be hit with a restocking fee especially on electronically items.

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