POS and the Advantages of them

So you are interested in a Point of Sale (POS) system.

Well in order to see the advantages let’s just recap on what a POS is:- Point of Sale is the place where a retail transaction is carried out.

This is applicable to all types of companies regardless of sizes or type.

It involves key components - hardware and software, a barcode reader to read the goods at the checkout, with an interface for the shop assistant to key in all the relevant information along with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to handle all the data.

So what are the key advantages...

1. Point of Sale systems eliminate staff errors and in the long term save you money.

2. Point of Sale systems are fast, and relatively easy to install.

3. Point of sale systems monitors your sales records and alert you when stock is running low.

4. Point of sale systems keeps accurate record of daily transactions and report about the volume of the stock.

5. Point of sale systems allows you to categorize your stock items into multiple subfields as per your company requirements.

6. Point of sale systems makes it easy for you to look up past transactions. You can easily see records of any past transaction information.

7. Point of sale systems cut down the chances of user errors because the software has built in checks to ensure that the information entered is accurate.

8. Customers can receive more detailed itemised receipts of the items they have purchased just because of the POS.

9. Point of sale systems help companies to identify how they can manage or plan new strategies to achieve goals.

10. If a company is running various sales promotions on different locations you can see how successful they are by using a point of sale system.

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