CRM software that benefits your business?

Improve sales team performance.

In order for a sales team to be effective they must have as much information about their customers as possible whether they’re old, new or potential. As your company grows you will need a system that can store hundreds of clients’ information in one place. A CRM system helps to streamline your sales process so that your sales reps never need to sell blindly again. It’s not just about remembering your client’s favourite sports team but also increasing close rates by improving sales forecast accuracy.

Improve Productivity

By having a quick and easily accessible system to pull up information about a customer’s account you can be prepared for any phone call or email that could come your way. Has their new sofa been delayed in delivery or do they want to increase the amount of carpet they’ve ordered, well with a good CRM system you can look at all their order details from past and present and alter the information quickly.

Improve process speed

A CRM solution bridges the gap between the close of a sale and the beginning of the fulfilment process. Once an agreement has been made there’s no more filing paper work, or entering more information back in the office as the order has already been made on the shop front and the information is then sent to the warehouse.

Essentially a good CRM tool can enhance your company’s profitability and build better relationships with customers. There are more than these three reasons to install a CRM system but we think these are the most compelling. If you want to find out how Retso Studio’s complete retail system can benefit your business get in touch with us.

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