Valentine's day in the Retail world

All retailers will know that if there is a holiday your customers will wait until the last minute to buy a gift for Valentine’s Day. Every shop will have a last-minute buyer within it, it will be Christmas eve all over again. Normally people wait until the eleventh hour to buy a valentine’s gift and card but all that’s on the shelf are cards that don’t say the right thing or is damaged because everyone push it a side. There is a way for retailers to maximize sales during the last minute rush. Here are ten great way to capitalize on valentine’s rush:

1. You need to make sure your store is relevant to Valentines Day. You can do this buy stocking things to do with valentines’ day e.g. teddy bears, chocolate and so on.

2. Get all your valentines Day stock forward into the store prime area, so customers see it right in front of them and don’t have to go on a hunt for them.

3. Keep the stock full. Nothing is more annoying and sadder then having a pick over selection of gifts. If you have more stock within your shop make sure your putting it out on the sales floor. If you extra stock is hidden away in the stockroom it won’t get sold.

4. Why not sell outside your door. Put racks of chocolates and flower bouquets for them to see what your store has to offer and then they will come into store and hopefully see your full range.

5. Create your own baskets. Grab several products together that are relevant to valentine’s day and arrange them in a basket covered with cellophane and put a bow on and there you go you have a valentine’s gift basket. You should include in the price of the stuff you used to make the basket so you don’t lose money.

6. Offer to gift wrap purchase. People don’t think about wrapping things up. Offer to gift wrap it for a little extra. It will bring you more money in and make the customers life a lot easier.

7. Many customers are going to come into your store looking for something unique but no idea what they want it to be. Give them some ideas like a pampering spa kit and candles or a nice bottle of wine with a few things to go with it. You will sell more by thinking creative gifts using your products in store.

8. You can’t forget the gift cards. Many people just buy a gift card because its easier because then their partner can get what they actually want. People look down at this because they think it’s easier. Realistically they are not,

9. Let everyone know. Preparing your store is great but it won’t do any good if nobody knows about it. Tell people you see about it or if you have a customer mailing list email them letting them know you have valentine’s day stock in and opening extra hours will help boost sales as well.

10. If you have social media account use them to announce your valentine’s day deals. Let them know about your discounts, the gift wrapping or whatever your store is offering just let them know

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