Retail tips for 2019

2018 was a year of growth for many retails and brands accelerated by tax cuts and low unemployment but 2019 is a more precarious year. Many retailers are facing the steepening tariffs because the stock market is in flux. Emerging markets are showing off as they take on a greater share of global growth.

Online interactions are easy for retail marketers to track the results of their digital advertising campaigns. However offline interaction like phone calls are harder to track. You should attribute call conversation. By doing this it will help you measure and optimize SEO performance. To understand how your search, digital advertising and website calls and the phone calls play in driving revenue you should attribute call conversations.

Track calls so you can capture the information on the caller and where about they came from whether it being an ad, keyword search or any other marketing source that drove it. If the lead came from your website it would be a good idea to also capture the path, they took that led to the call.

Take a look at the technologies you have within your business and see if you upgrade any of them. When doing this and you find out that some of your tools are outdate you should do everything you can to make sure you have the latest version available. This may mean you have to purchase new equipment or just simply downloading the most recent software. When upgrading your programmes its not about what the newest tools or the coolest tools around its about working out what going to help improve your customers experience.

Its 2019 it’s a bad idea to own a business without it having a website or being on some sort of social network platform. By using digital marketing, it helps you to be seen by a larger audience. As well as it helps you interact with customers or possible customers more. Digital marketing involves a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end. By using digital marketing, it will cut down on advertising cost massively but it will still be bringing in more sales.

Let’s speak about loyalty programmes. They are great there is no denying that but do you wonder how they afford to offer massive discounts through the loyalty programmes without charging any fees, well we have the answer to that. By having a loyalty programme, it will encourage the customer to come back and spend more money then what they would normally or what they planned on doing. To build loyalty among customers offering birthday rewards, referral incentives and earnable points or items are a good road to go down.

New customers are a good source of income as well. If you offer a first-time buyer discount it will draw more people in and most of these first-time buyers will turn into loyal customers that will still bring you money in.

By having the right tools, gaining trust and providing value and quality will take you much further than any promotional discount. It isn’t all about undercutting your competitors’ prices and offering discount.

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