Seasonal effects on retail

People say that doing the same thing over and over again is boring, however when it comes to the seasonality of shoppers your sales can change. There are about six shopping seasons retailers look to take advantage of.

Seasonal effects on retail

People say that doing the same thing over and over again is boring, however when it comes to the seasonality of shoppers your sales can change. There are about six shopping seasons retailers look to take advantage of. They need to understand what their shoppers are wanting, doing and planning.


January is the calm after the storm. Credit cards have been abused, people are not looking to spend a lot of money after the holidays. So, clearance and low prices are peoples go to.

Also, at this time of year you can look into selling health products, for people’s new year’s resolutions. Things start to change in February because of valentine’s day. Shoppers expect to see the selling of chocolate, sweets, jewellery and even fashion retailers are involved in this because people are buying nice clothes to dress up for their dates.


These months are for cleaning out, having a refresh and new things. Many people have a clean out and legit clean everything. So, stores should be expected to sell cleaning supplies stuff like: floor polisher, spray cleaners, and clothes. Easter holidays are also going to impact the selling of meat likes lamb and ham, also Easter eggs and things related around that holiday.

Most people also get ready to go outside and be warm. By selling swimsuits and outdoor things should slowly creep into stores. Selling shorts, t-shirts, lightweight clothes, bikinis, swim suits and trunks are going to sell because that what people want. It all about knowing what people want.

People starting to get into starting their gardens and repairs within their home. So hardware stores, garden centre and stores you can get home improvement things from will get loads of activity at this time.

June-early July

No school, summer time and freedom control these months. Around this time plenty of people are spending time outside, sporting goods and swimwear are still being sold but now there is more beach balls, sunscreen, picnic related things are creeping into the stores.

Also book sales increase as people look for their new books to read when they go on holiday and stuff. We also will be seeing a lot of health and exercise things still.

In grocery stores we will be seeing a lot more picnic foods, like the “grab and go” foods. Also in this month its hot outside so people might not like cooking unless it’s a barbecue so things like salad, hot dogs, cold soft drinks and salads will increase in sale.

Mid-July-August-Early September:

The second half of summer is here. Big online shops like amazon have their big sales. People take advantage of this, it’s moving the back to school shopping earlier and earlier. Because of this many other retailers, more on the online retailers, are seeing their sales plummet so they have started selling there back to school things in July.

By August were at the end of the summer, people are flying home from being on holiday and families are getting ready for school. When everyone is going back to school people will be adjusting to new routines, stressing and overwhelmed. Foods to comfort people will be a regular thing in the shopping trolleys.

Everyone going back to school and the return of fall means different clothes. They’ll be indoor more often they will want something to occupy their minds, nothing better than fashion. We will see longer sleeves and thicker material.

Back to school shopping season is the time when retailers test out their strategies for the holidays, so they are ready for when November hits.

Late September-October

This is the opposite of January this is the calm before the storm. All the new routines have settled in and are used to. Plans are being made for Halloween. All fancy-dress business and holiday related stores see an increase here and so do grocery stores for the sweets. Also, we are heading into the colder months so we will start seeing sweaters, coats, pants, boots and cold weather clothes.

Around this time people start to finish up their outdoor projects. They start to winterizing their car ready for cold weather. People are also finishing off last repairs on their homes for the winter as well.


We have been building up to this all year. Shopping is all that everyone is doing. Parties are coming up; family time is happening more and things get a lot busier. Stores get busier with people coming in to get their holiday foods. Also, retailers see an increase on the sale of alcohol, sweets and decorations around this time.

These times are making or break for a business. All shopping seasons re important but many retailers prepare for just these 2 months of the year. Retailers often start with reviewing data they collected from other years, getting new suppliers and even looking into having an online order system.