Tips for upselling your products

3 for 2
Offer a 3 for 2 deal on a certain range of items. This is perhaps one of the greatest tactics to encourage customers to buy more than they would have done usually. No one likes to miss out on a deal or an opportunity to save money.

Complimentary service
When customers commit to buying an object there might be a number of additional extras they will be interested in and they will be more likely to consider them if they are currently discounted, especially if it’s a limited offer. The May bank holidays are renowned for DIY and home accessory purchases maybe offer a discounted fitting service or discounted tool bits and accessories to complete their purchase.

Convenience items
Make sure you have small, easy to reach items that people can grab when they’re waiting at the checkout. Batteries at electronic stores, snacks at convenience stores, or shoe horns at a footwear store etc. Also put leaflets and pamphlets that you want to promote at the checkout or near the entrance of the store.

Promote events
If you offer your customers plastic bags to carry their newly bought products remember to pop promotional items in the bag. Leaflets or business cards promoting your website, social media or future events have a greater chance at being read once the customer has returned home.

By using retail management software such as Retso Studio marketing your products effectively has never been easier.

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