Retail Strategies for Valentine's Day

Most people are organised with 1 in 3 consumer’s start their valentines shopping in January but retailers also know that there are those customers (mostly men) who wait until the day or even the eleventh hour of the day to get the present for their loved one.

What can you do for your store to be ready for Valentine’s Day?

  • Have your store/website is relevant to Valentine’s Day
    You may think that you don’t have products suitable but even a sofa/bed company can have a section with red pillows and a romantic duvet
  • Have a prominent feature area
    You all know important to have your main selling products near the front of the store to grab attention. Do this with your valentines products and saves your customers looking for the perfect present
  • Restock the store often
    Keep your shelves full, you can’t sell what is in the stock room
  • Sell outside the store to bring customers in-store
    Have baskets of products outside with a person talking and greeting the customers.
  • Create gift baskets
    Guys rushing for a gift will want everything done so create a gift basket so everything they need is in that one present and don’t need to grab 3 or 4 items
  • Offer Gift wrap service
    Men are not great wrappers so to save time they want it done for them. This way you can offer a better service and money too
  • Gift cards for someone who doesn’t know what to get
    People don’t want to get the wrong present but know that they love one would like something from your store so make sure you are offering gift cards
  • Shout about it with social media, email marketing and posters
    People won’t know about your valentine days products if you don’t tell them so share on social media, launch a mail shot and have posters in your windows to bring people online and in-store

Hopefully, you can put some of these ideas in action for the 14th February and make most of the most loved-up day of the year.

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