What is an EPOS system?

Electronic Point of Sale or more commonly referred to as EPOS is a digital, computerised system used in retail outlets, small shops and restaurants. Look at it as an electronic way of logging what people pay for goods.

They have a variety of uses which include

  • Allowing a business to see what the “in demand products” are, and what to re-order from suppliers.
  • Enabling the print out of vouchers and receipts for customers.
  • Potentially being able to be connected to an e-commerce (selling online) site.
  • Ability to store information immediately in a digital format.
  • Enabling the business owner to see active stock levels and details on fast moving product lines.
  • keeping the business owner informed as to how the business is functioning on a profit/loss basis.

What an EPOS system comprises of

Common components to an EPOS system are cash draws, customer displays, chip and pin, printers, keyboards and weighing scales.

The system enables a user to enter data via devices such as touch screen monitors, barcode scanners and keyboards.

In supermarkets, EPOS systems are fantastic due to the fact that they are fast to run and enabling staff to work extremely efficiency and price items accurately.

Most EPOS systems enable the staff to:

  • Record sales.
  • Update and manage stock levels.
  • Accurate "on the fly" pricing.
  • Keeps track of sales.

Most crucial element to an EPOS system is that they can be tailored around an individual and/or business.

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