Why ecommerce retailers need to go mobile

What are the facts?

As of 2015, mobile commerce makes up 40% of UK sales; last year it was 32%. This just accounts for actual transactions it is suggested that 70-80% of pre-transaction research is done online from mobiles and tablets.

Large stores have already developed technologies and designs to encourage mobile shoppers to buy from them and make the whole transaction process easier. Whether it is one click shopping or paying your restaurant bill online, there are many options you can take to make shopping online with your company easier for mobile users.

Going mobile is not a decision which can be taken light-heartedly. Customers demand a mobile shopping experience, but they also want it to be effective, easy and smooth. A poor mobile-enabled website or app is more likely to lose than gain sales.

There are three big steps to really focus on:

  • Invest in a strong mobile experience
    Build an easy-to-navigate design which pushes customers to use the app (if applicable)
  • Develop mobile-specific communications
    ie use push notifications, mobile ads and emails
  • Make payment easy
    Create a seamless, one click purchase path with easy access to the basket for editing
  • Delivery options
    One reason why Amazon does so well is that it’s very flexible in how you can receive your purchase.

Mobile and in-store marketing shouldn’t be considered as two separate components and similarly your business should be run as smooth as possible. This is where Retso Studio software comes in, creating a smooth transition that puts customers and user experience first.

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